Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am Poppy and I live in Greece. I am a modern housewife and by modern I mean I am honoring a lot of old crafting practices by making handmade a way of life.

I have been creative since I remember me but the last 10 years I found my real passions. First and foremost, soap and cosmetic making is huge part of my handmade life (maybe you know me from my other blog Naturally Handmade , where I have small representations of my makes).Replacing all my store bought beauty products with handmades and just like that, creativity spreaded like butter, soon I wanted to DIY everything I could!

Emroidering, lace making, knitting, crocheting, and surely something I forget, are included in my hobbies, and «I could make my own clothes too»! When sewing came to my life felt like completion.

With no clue at all I bought my first sewing machine. Back then there where only a few blogs about sewing and these only in English, no lessons, no YouTube, nothing. Can you imagine the difficulty, ha?! Learning to sew in not your native language is not an easy task mostly because of terminology but back then, because of luck of sources too. I am SEW happy I did it in the end!

Last years I am sharing my sewing makes, among others, on my Instagram and I think it is time for them to have a real home. So, sewing is what I am here to talk about and the journey of my handmade wardrobe, with all the ups and downs and all the lessons and fails.

I hope you enjoy your stay and be inspired too! Thank you for stopping by!

xo xo,


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