Grey Area and McCall’s 7757

I know you’ve been expecting to see something else! My sneak peek leaves a promise of an Alex shirtdress and of course there’ll be one, but not today!

I get easily excited and sometimes I fall in love with a fabric too, this happened here! You have seen it previously, on this haul as his choice for a shirt. It has a semi mat finish, it is smooth and drapes crisply, so I went back to the shop and bought 4 more metes! And i’m not even a grey person, I’m either black or white.

This sewing adventure began with Alex shirtdress- it’s almost complete missing only the perfect match buttons.

But loking at the fabric I remembered I had this Mc Call’s pattern (bought from summer along with this Vogue one) and the inspiration of a new pair of pants instantaniously came! I love when this happens!

Pants are superhard to fit on my body but those are not. I cut Small and removed 2 cm from the waist. I needed smaller waistband elastic than the one I used but elastic wasn’t stretchy enough to pass my hips.

Also omitted pockets too but next time I’m gonna add them. Sewn everything with sewing machine and finished together the seams with overlocker because I did’t want to add any bulk.

Of course I machine embroidered my «logo» on the waistband (if you follow my insta you’ll know I sign like that all the clothes I make!)


Hems are finished with me made bias tape (because I love details even if I’m the only one who knows!) and with an almost invisible stitch.

From the outside lookes and falls beautifully. I love this way of finish and i’m gonna soon show you the «how to».

I wear so much this style and I think I found my new favourite pattern! Not to mention that I want one in every possible fabric combo!

xo xo,



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