An Announcement, How I Spent My Morning and a Small Sewing Haul

(για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ) I am a self taught seamstress and I taught myself sewing mainly in English, from the web and books. In the beginning seemed like a difficult task because of terminology and because it's a practical work. But I did it and since then I loved to help people enjoy the joy... Continue Reading →


How to Choose the Perfect Thread Colour for our Project

(για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ) Hello, hello and Happy New Year!I took the previous week off  and now I'm back with my frst post of the year sharing one of my favourite realisation through sewing.Perfect is only what pleases your eyes, I'm here only to show you how to make the perfect choise for you.Most people... Continue Reading →

Quick Mc’Calls 7757 in Black

(για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ)This is my last make of 2018! It's the exact same pattern from my previous pants, the Mc' Calls 7757. I love it when I fall in love with a pattern, means it's exactly what I'm looking for.The only change I did this time is that I added 3cm to make it... Continue Reading →

Catch Stitch and Couture Sewing

Catch Stitch (or Herringbone Stitch). Catch Stitch (or Herringbone Stitch). Where to use:It is a strong and elastic stitch that can be used to hold one edge flat to another. We often find it in hems and when we want to join two layers of fabric with almost invisible stitches from the right side(ie. hems... Continue Reading →

Grey Area and McCall’s 7757

I know you've been expecting to see something else! My sneak peek leaves a promise of an Alex shirtdress and of course there'll be one, but not today! I get easily excited and sometimes I fall in love with a fabric too, this happened here! You have seen it previously, on this haul as his... Continue Reading →

Running Stitch and Couture Sewing

The most basic and most important hand stitch is Running Stitch Where to use: As a permanent stitch it is used for seams that are not stressed and for setting stays (stay tapes, zippers etc). On the other hand, as a temporary, we use it to hold layers of fabric together as basting (very usefull... Continue Reading →

Huge Fabric Haul

(για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ) I like fabric and I cannot lie!It is very appropriate to have a project in mind and go buy the fabric you need, and I do that sometimes. But quite often I go shopping with no list... and make some serious damage!That Saturday was one of these days and oh, what... Continue Reading →

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